Home Cleaning

Service options for Commercial businesses:

  • Daily service
  • Weekly service
  • Deep Cleaning

Common areas and Offices

Dust all flat surfaces, computer key boards, computer monitors, and picture frames. Dust light fixtures and remove cobwebs. Disinfect phones and door knobs and light switches. Clean glass on interior of entrance and on inner office doors. Empty garbage and reline receptacles. Dispose of garbage and shredded paper. Vacuum floors including edges and corners. Mop floors.

Staff lounge or Break rooms

Clean inside/outside of microwave oven. Flush coffee pot once per week. Clean exterior of oven and under burners. Clean and disinfect countertops, sink and faucet. Wash exterior of refrigerator and any spills on cabinetry. Clean exterior of water cooler. Vacuum floors including edges and corners. Mop floors.


Clean and disinfect toilets, urinals, sinks, and faucets. Polish faucets, clean mirrors, disinfect door handles,hand dryer and light switches. Remove garbage and reline receptacles. Restock toilet paper (customer supplied). Restock sanitary napkin dispensers. Vacuum floors including edges and corners. Mop floors.

Deep Cleaning

In addition to the services provided for daily or weekly cleaning, the following tasks are added for a Deep Cleaning:Dusting plants, cleaning interior and exterior cabinetry in staff lounge, restrooms, offices, and common areas. Clean tile walls, bathroom stalls, and vacuum upholstered furniture, clean inside of closets, clean inside of oven, clean all windows (interior only) clean all baseboards, moldings and interior doors.

Commercial Cleaning Contracts include an initial deep cleaning to bring your workspace up to Green Cleaning standards. We recommend that you schedule a quarterly deep cleaning to maintain Green cleaning standards. Ecolibrium does not offer carpet cleaning or exterior window cleaning.

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